The Digital Revolution of the new world: AR & VR

The Digital Revolution of the new world: AR & VR

In recent days, we can lively view the hype of Augmented and Virtual Reality which most businesses are implementing to scale their operations to a greater extent. 

Are these technologies going to be the future? Will they take the stage of next-generation technologies? Can the new Digital Revolution of AR and VR change the world?

This blog helps you with all the above queries with relevant information. Explore this blog to know more about this.

So, what are these couple of technologies?

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are a couple of technologies that are here to offer a perfectly different view of how the world perceives. 

However, both are not the same and they deal with each other separately. They are interconnected and also make use of similar technologies but with crucial differences. 

Virtual Reality (VR) means utilizing computer technology to develop a simulated environment around them. This means that a person is completely taken into a whole digital world that has nothing to do with reality. VR people are those who wear tech helmets to view the different world.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) is an enhanced version of reality that makes use of digital elements in the real world. AR is responsible for leveraging the environment in which we survive and building an enhanced version of it.

So, how are these technologies revolutionizing the world around us?

Virtual Reality is here to present the extreme possibilities of the world particularly in the field of entertainment. We don’t need to just stop playing games or watching movies. Added, with this technology, it is here to create a new world with added features. 

Let’s explore the role of VR in various sectors:


The major challenge with the Travel industry is the pre-planning of trips. It usually takes a huge amount of time to figure out the best hotels through vast internet search across browsers which will offer you the information of the date of availability and your needed accommodation.

So, to make this creative and interesting, hotel owners can implement VR which offers your tourists a virtual tour. One can get a view of hotel rooms, spa, restaurants, corridors, lobby, and other amenities available there. 

Undoubtedly, customers would also find it easy to view and make bookings rather than spending enormous time researching either online or offline. A VR App development company can make this happen. 


If you’re a fashion freak, it is a must that you need to know about the role of VR here. This technology is responsible for helping one in making bold decisions with its attractive features. It presents an opportunity to view enormous amounts of collection to a wide audience in engaging culture. 

Topshop was the first fashion store to understand the importance of Virtual Reality and implemented it in real-time. It was in London Fashion Week for 2014, where VR experience happened in real life. 

In this way, a fashion industry doesn’t just stop with a campaign rather, it also comes with a prolonged life to outgrow its business to its audience even though they stay miles apart.


VR also started to act as a life savior by offering its valuable role in the Medicine industry as well. As a keen factor in other major industries such as marketing, mechanics, fashion, now it has also stepped into the Medicine industry. 

VR technology is responsible for figuring out the medicines and became a treatment mode for popular diseases such as pain & stress, pre-operative anxiety, bipolar disorder, paraplegia, memory loss, etc.

In the meantime, Stanford Medicine and Lighthouse Inc. also introduced an easy way of analyzing and finding congenital heart defects and other major heart-related issues through a 360 graphics display. 

Virtual Reality was also responsible for eliminating or reducing the risks of wrong diagnosing and making the communication between the patients and surgeons completely hassle-free. 

While on the other hand, Augmented Reality has been the buzzword by most businesses. We have been quite aware of technologies that build digital layers for businesses to facilitate their operations. The best example of the date with AR is Pokemon GO.

There were times when people roamed around the streets to chase and catch the Pokemon. Moreover, shop owners also allowed people to buy and place lures. This instantly became a feature in real life since cafes and bars got started with those marketing strategies. 

The best thing about Augmented Reality is it comes as a collaboration between the real and digital world and the options it offers to us are pointless! Now let’s have a look at the role of Augmented Reality’s disruption across various sectors:

  • Cosmetic Retailers

There were times when people used old catalogs to figure out lipsticks and buy them with confusion about whether it suits them or not. If you consider today’s retailers such as Sephora, which offers client virtual rooms where they can test the product and find whether it suits them perfectly before they buy.

Augmented Reality has been responsible for making this true. The shop has implemented this perfectly and made enhanced the customer experience for them. Customers were able to buy something which they expected as per their needs. Thus, an AR App Development Company can be beneficial with the implementation.

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  • Furniture Retailers 

The renovation has been one of the time and cost-consuming factors which everyone comes across! Moreover, it is not an easy task as well which is equal to buying new furniture or other utilities. 

People used to walk around the store with a meter along with the pictures of furniture which require renovation and measure the whole thing with a lot of patience and make the arrangements accordingly. 

To rule out these complexities, retailers such as Ikea started leveraging Augmented Reality by developing applications that allow customers to choose the furniture of their choice and can have a clear perception of how their home will look if they go with the particular furniture.

You can stay in your place and make these decisions hassle-free. You can also gather your family, have fun and decide on the relevant and needed one. It saves time and cost without any doubt.

  • Marketing 

Did you hear it right? Yes, it is Marketing! Good marketing is one that combines both offline and online experiences for the audience. Moreover, it shouldn’t be very complicated which may make them ignore the strategy completely rather than offer an offer at the end of it.

Augmented Reality is here to perform this task which understands the user needs with a smartphone in their hands and makes the process easy and effective resulting in a good number of conversion rates.

Marketing has utilized the AR technique more than any sector undoubtedly! We are in an era where we can book a movie ticket at our place with a simple scan of the movie’s poster or trailer available.

There are also separate campaigns running on Pollution where people find the importance of it and eliminate it with an end reward. Augmented Reality helped to reshape the market to a better place where customers would search for a personal touch and buy them if it suits their needs.

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What can we expect for the future?

With the above instances, it is clear that these couple of technologies are already ruling the world and have imprinted their operations in various sectors. They could find their place across different other industries such as Education, Governments, Finance & Banks, Architecture, etc.

In addition to the current strategy, we can still expect many additional features with these technologies and help both businesses and end-users to experience an enhanced version which they expect.

To introduce your business into a digital channel, it is extremely important to join hands with the right solution provider. We at Idya, the Digital Transformation Company have rich expertise in working across multiple industries and making our client’s dream into a reality! If you have any requirements, you can get in touch with us anytime.

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